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Graphic Design

Graphics Design has several meanings. From an old image that needs repairs to the creation of something completely new. Graphic design can include logos, brochures, iPhone images and more. See some of the graphics we've created here at Reyes Designs.

web designLooking Up

Using my own photograph taken of the inside of a hot air balloon and Photoshop, I created a whirling effect. This effect was a combination of filters and layer styles.

web designThe Road Less Traveled

Using my own photograph and Photoshop, I added a layer with a transparent white background. On a separate layer I added the names of the months and the dates. This image was saved with a company logo on it in two formats, one for print and the other as desktop wallpaper.

web designBreakfast Anyone?

The effect on the text "syrup" was created in Photoshop using a combination fo the various style elements in the layer styles menu.

web designWinter at Valley Forge

I took a series of pictures at Valley Forge National Park. The images were then stitched together by hand using Photoshop.

An Apple a Day

Created as part of an apple a day series, this image was drawn with the pen tool in illustrator. Brush strokes created the depth and highlights.

Logos make the world go round... Well maybe they don't, but they do tend to get a business or a team noticed.